THANK YOU, backers and producers! You have made the difference! The Unearthly Series Pilot is now green-lit and we move now to production!

There is still much to do and we will reach our schedule to produce this show from this point forward.

I will continue to send updates through the Kickstarter page as well as the The Unearthly Web Series blog page. Please check it out at: or

Also, all backers please feel free to contact me if there are any changes to your rewards. If you did not request a reward, I believe you deserve them and I mean to see that you get them, if you want.

The magnet reward will be a little different than my initial offer of a rectangular magnet. I am producing the magnets through and they have a wonderful circular kitchen magnet, that goes great with Josh Hagen's designs. I just like the design better, personally. If you still want the rectangular magnet please let me know. I will make a special order for you.

Thank you again! You made this happen and I can't thank you enough!



07/30/2016 5:13am

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Congratulations on your success! I hope to see the pilot of The Unearthly Series when it is done. You will be able to meet the deadline and if you don't, it's okay as long as you finished it. Please continue on posting updates about the series so we will know what to expect. Thanks for the magnets that you will give as a price that is very thoughtful of you are really want to show how grateful you are to have such supportive followers. May the series have continued success over the years and may you have more awesome stories to share with us.

08/17/2016 12:07am

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I'm very happy that you've had finished with that successfully! That is the real win!

10/10/2016 7:05am

Can you spot us the difference? I'd like to know what did you done.


What lessons do you learn in a process? Tell us!

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