Hi supporters of The Unearthly Web Series Pilot!

I am releasing the first of a series of BTS or Behind The Scenes interview videos with the cast of the show. I am in the process of editing the additional footage, of which I have of most of the cast. I had to borrow Les Crandell's Sony Z1, so I can upload and convert the tape to digital format. The first one we are releasing is Bryce Stanton, who is playing the role of Chuck Ward. Chuck has been slowing going mad, with researching into his family's ancestry. This research uncovers a dark past of Necromancy and a powerful tome of knowledge, called The Necronomicon. Chuck's friend, Randy Carter assembles his friends to go in search of Chuck. What they find challenges their sanity...

I have posted still production photos to The Unearthly Web Series site, as well as, The Unearthly Web Series Facebook page, my personal Facebook page, Tumblr for The Unearthly, and Pinterest.

I also have released two trailers to promote the pilot as well. There is a 10 second one for release on Instagram.com, but I had difficulty on uploading it to the site. There is a 6 second one, that I uploaded to Vine.co and it is playing now. The 10 second one I uploaded to YouTube.com and Vimeo.com. There is a 48 second full trailer, which I have uploaded to YouTube.com and promoted it on Google Plus, The Unearthly Web Series Facebook page, Twitter and my personal Facebook page.

Please watch, share and subscribe to the new The Unearthly Web Series channel on YouTube.com. I will be listing links for all venues, so you can do so.

The Unearthly Web Series Pilot will also be available to watch on WebSeriesChannel.com and please check out our Filmbreak.com page and "Hype" it!

I have also applied to The Sunscreen Film Festival West under Web Series as the first available Web Series festival. More are to come!

I appreciate you all for your support and I will be sending you all the rewards you requested shortly. I apologize for the delay.

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Your support has made this possible! Now to see the results!