Hi Everyone:

I thank you again for your support to make this Pilot happen! I have begun the rough edit and going through all the production sound. Les and Mike have done a wonderful job! The images, especially the Cemetery scenes with the blue screen look great! Mike's sound is very clean with a lot of ambient room! The Sennheiser 816T he is using is a great stereo long shotgun. This picks up solid dialogue from a distance and also has a figure 8 pattern for ambient-off axis sounds. Mike had to purchase a Neumann BS48i2 two channel battery powered phantom power module at his expense (It's truly worth its weight in gold!), since he wants to have that in his kit. The 816T draws a lot of power from the phantom XLRs on the recorder and he noticed digital noise, when the batteries in the recorder were around 50%. We switched to AC while shooting the Interior scenes to solve that issue, but for exterior locations, we needed an alternative. In the meantime, we switched to single channel dialogue, as he noted that the digital noise disappeared when he did that.

The cast is AWESOME!!! I am sorry Daniel could not participate, but with his replacement, Alexander Johnson, this has been a seamless experience! Brian, Josh, Christina, Meghan and Alex ARE THE UNEARTHLY TEAM! Les loves the "cemetery" establishing shot with The Unearthly team entering frame and he says: "I believed that Brian was leading a combat team like Vic Morrow in Combat!" (A reference to the 1962-1967 ABC TV series Combat! starring Vic Morrow.) Bryce is an amazing troubled "Chuck Ward" and Chaz and Corinne are great as Randy's parents! I look forward to working with Mark Mook and Fayth again and an opportunity to work with Billy, Michael and Christian. Also, thank you Zander for taking on the role of conflicted Victor. Much more awesomeness to come in this series from all of these actors!

I have begun a rough edit with the existing footage, but I had to purchase two 3 TB Hard disk drives, since I want to backup the footage in an inexpensive "mirrored" RAID 1 array. They should be arriving sometime later today. Les currently has the footage on the SD cards and his 4TB HDD. This way, we have additional backups and also a "work print" drive, so I can edit while backing up everything.

Les has been shooting on the Nikon D800 as the "A" camera and it's been great camera to work with. I have personally shot at least 5 other projects on the Canon 5D Mark II, which is similar, but the D800 has been getting solid exposures, not having to go above ISO 640, which I would go above many times around ISO 1250 and beyond on the Canon.

I am tweaking the Poster design to make the text at the bottom, better balanced. It's like a movie poster "one sheet" design for 18x24 inches.The poster will be one design, layout: White background with black images and text. Also, I will be surveying the backers as to which preferences they have for the T-shirt and magnet designs. For the T-shirt and magnets there will be two designs, which you will have a choice of: Black background with white images and text, or White background with black images and text. Please feel free to let me know your preferences, or I will survey you shortly to get the details.

We have at least two more production days of shooting to complete: The two school scenes, The Psych ward, The conversation with Chuck's shadow, The "ritual" scene, the bluescreen shot of the Hooded forms digging in the Cemetery and assorted insert shots of TVs, Doors and exteriors! Those days have yet to be determined, as we have quite a bit of work to prep SFX props and also the availability of our cast. It is tentatively looking around May 4-5 2013, but at this time this is uncertain.

Finally, I am considering starting another Kickstarter campaign for the full series of 11 more episodes. The most expense will be the makeup/special effects and the visual effects, otherwise, we can shoot very economically. More about this after the pilot is posted!

I appreciate you all and I look forward to having a great pilot for everyone to see and some great rewards for all you backers!


Mark Fukae

Hi Everyone:

Thank you again for your support and patience! I am in preparation for production, as we are locking down locations, preparing lighting and shot plans, lining up rentals, as our A-Camera will be the Canon C100, our B-Camera is the Nikon D800 and the C-Camera (and BTS camera) is the Sony NEX-5n! I have been preparing our workflow to make these wonderful cameras work for the production and post! We will have some bluescreen/greenscreen shots and are also preparing for that.

I have also been finalizing the poster, in addition to the T-shirts and the magnet. The poster and magnet have a set design with a white background, but the t-shirt will be available in two separate designs with two different colors: Black or White. The first design has the main graphic of Yog-Sothoth with a graphic background, prominently in the center and text on the back. The second design has Yog-Sothoth in the upper right pocket and text on the back. I will be polling each of your, as to your preference.

I will be starting second unit production this weekend (April 6-7th 2013). This will be the establishing shots of the school, the 1913 house and the psychiatric hospital. The following weekend of April 13-14th 2013, we are scheduling the school interior scene, exterior, and the Carter family scene. I should have the shooting schedule for the rest of the pilot shortly. I intend to get some BTS and some interviews over the next two weeks.

More updates are on the way shortly. Thank you again for your support to make this show!